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Imagine a Nevada…

Imagine a Nevada where we all get a fair shot and have access to new opportunities; where our education system is emulated and admired; and where we all have great jobs with livable wages and great benefits. As a native to Las Vegas, that’s the Nevada I imagine, and the Nevada I will help create as State Senator.

Alexander Marks for State Senate District 18

Meet Alexander Marks

As someone who was born and raised in Las Vegas, I truly understand what makes Las Vegas the unique and special city that it is. I understand how Nevada can resolve issues locally, so that it can compete nationally. We deserve to have a stellar educational system, and we also deserve a fair shot at living a comfortable life and being part of a growing and thriving economy. My pragmatic and diplomatic approach to problem solving has brought people from all walks of life together for a greater cause. This is an approach that I will bring to the Nevada State Senate. 

I need your support so that we can have a State Senator that sees the big picture and knows what Nevada’s economy and educational system should look like. A vote for me is a vote for the Nevada as you imagine it.

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